Sunday, December 7, 2014

From Old Poets to Us...from Me to You

These worlds that interfere with touch
Where you and I are miles apart
Dissolve, where ink and paper clutch
Thought-syllables poured from the heart

Sometimes the vaulted far-from-you
Would be too hard and long to bear
Save for the pouring out of blue
…half poetry and half a prayer

To lie beneath this rush of time
And reach into its bittersweet
Would crush the warrior of rhyme
Where hold and letting go compete

…save for the wonderment of word
Heard hauntingly from age to age
Because a poet once was stirred
To spill his heart upon a page

My kitchen table and your chair
Are not so very far apart
For words can wing from here to there
And melt the air twixt heart to heart

© Janet Martin


  1. No they are not very far a part at all. So glad to find you still writing - somewhere between a poem and a prayer. Blessings.

  2. aw, Teri, so good to see you! and thank-you.


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