Friday, December 12, 2014

Speechless Praise

I stood on the fringe of a dark new-born day
And I couldn’t think of the right words to say
To He who saw fit
To extend a bit
Time’s affidavit of gold and gray

I stood on the edge of a ledge, soft, surreal
Caught, as it were, on time’s still-turning wheel
And I couldn’t think
The sky was so pink
And earth but a wink beneath heaven’s appeal

I stood on the brink of vast, imminent Past
Motionless while moments hasten so fast
Speechless, I bow
On this God-granted Now
Beneath the glow of Love’s new mercy-cast

I stood on the fringe of new day’s sacred ground
What can I say where the night, morning-crowned
Spills ‘round my feet
And out onto the street?
…thought repeats ‘thank-You’ with nary a sound

© Janet Martin

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