Monday, December 22, 2014

On Learning to Love

We cover love’s aches with soft smiles
And its mistakes with tears
We clad love-hopes with ‘maybe-when’
And thus we cope with…years

We forgive faults with memory-loss
Love keeps no scrolls of wrong
But looks beyond its grief because
In this we can move on

The fantasy of what might be
Trumps all the what-have-beens
Past’s immobile finality
Cannot out-weigh love’s dreams

We cannot exchange Here with There
Nor wish away our lot
All we can do is breathe a prayer
And love with what we’ve got

© Janet Martin

The internet is not working well at all!!! It works in sporadic gasps... sorry I can't visit or comment anywhere. If we don't get it fixed before Christmas I wish you all a blessed season of hope, joy and peace.

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