Thursday, December 18, 2014

And Then Somewhere, A Miracle

We bow our heads and breathe a prayer
The heart cannot always shape words
But in our need, somewhere, Somewhere
Our humble, fumbling plea is heard
And then somewhere upon life’s way
Across the miles of sea or sod
A miracle unfolds as they
For whom we pray are touched by God

© Janet Martin

 For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37

Whether we pray for those we hold or far across the sea,
there is no one that our God cannot reach easily

It struck me anew this morning as I prayed for Matthew and Victoria as they headed out to school, as I prayed for those suffering both here and in foreign lands, as I prayed for Matthew's friend who has re-broken his arm and for friends who lost a dad, how amazing it is that as we pray far across the sea those suffering are suddenly, miraculously given God's peace, the sorrowing are quietly comforted, a young boy waiting for surgery will  not feel quite so afraid, and mother's can place their fears and care in bigger hands and never fully know how He intercedes. Thank-you God.

p.s. And, I prayed for you, 
who and wherever you are
that, as you read this you would feel
God's touch upon your heart

The story behind this song; Sweet Hour of Prayer

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