Thursday, December 11, 2014

Of Christmases Past...

 This is a collage from Christmases past...still waiting for them to be home so we can decorate the tree together! I'm keeping my fingers crossed (aka praying!!) that maybe tonight before Matt's hockey-game and after Melissa decides she's not going back to TO(Toronto) to visit friends...we can do it.

Someday my child, your thoughts will fill with scenes of long ago
I wonder what you’ll find within their Time-amended glow
When you look back someday, to tender-heartedly recall
The Christmases of childhood; what will deck your memory-hall?

Will it be gifts or The One Gift that makes your joy-bells ring?
Ah, will the windows of your mind be filled with tender things?
Will they be scented with the warmth that only kitchens boast?
I wonder, child, when you look back what you’ll remember most

Will it be sugar, spice and firesides or will it be
The night we all would gather ‘round to decorate the tree?
Or will it be the carols that spark tender thoughts of home
I wonder child, when you look back what memories will come

Today as I prepare to celebrate the Christ-child’s birth
Lord, help me in this corner to bring peace upon the earth
And not with rushing, pushing, panic-stricken sigh unfurled
Forget the reason for this season of Joy to the World

Child, someday when you turn to peer through window-frames afar
I hope the pictures that you see will cheer you where you are
Those ginger-scented echoes, oh, I hope they’ll make you smile
But most of all I hope that you’ll remember Christ the Child

© Janet Martin  

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