Saturday, December 27, 2014

Once a Miracle...

Armed with what we have come to know
And greater ignorance
Darling, we hold close then let go
Learning love’s sweet, slow-dance

Dare we to wield scalpel of pen
And dare we let it spell
From private wound of heart-blood yen
Those words we cannot tell?

Will Want the ache of longing break
Through begging bars of skin
Hungry enough to undertake
More than dances within?

Darling, this clasping, rasping flight
Vexes our here-to-there
While time’s voracious appetite
Spills triumph and despair

Even December lips are soft
With promises of new
Where the old year spirals aloft
Before bidding adieu

Forgetfulness and ignorance
Are brave within a pen
Thus, darling we will take the chance
And dare to dance again…

Close your eyes love, sight distracts us
Words are wonderful
Whispered in the touch of what was
Once a miracle

© Janet Martin

Ah, those bittersweet slow-dances
Of looking back to gaze upon
Life’s ‘once upon a miracle’s

That I should have lived to love and be loved at all a miracle!

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