Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lord, Sometimes I...

Lord, sometimes reckless, I push you aside
And replace You with my own foolish pride
And sometimes I choose hopeless fear and doubt
Though all around the earth Your wonder shouts

Lord, sometimes I am glib and wide-eye blind
With wordy exposition dull of mind
And sometimes I’m forgetful of Your ways
While all around me nature sings your praise

Lord, pitiful and full-amazed I gasp
And strain to picture hell’s keys in your clasp

Lord, sometime I try to envision You
Reaching to me with hands that nails pierced through
My thought and eyes glimpse shadows of Your frame
While all around creation shouts Your name

© Janet Martin

This morning's worship service was filled with people sharing a favorite verse or two about Jesus; over and over, as precious words of praise and promise were read, I realized that I was trying to visualize Him but grasped at vague imaginations of Perfection! Someday, we face to face will see, He who fills each day with grace and wonder. day dipped to dusk the train of his glory filled the sky!!
...for Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever, 
Amen. Matt 6:13

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