Monday, December 15, 2014

The Way Time Flows

(this cute video is quite profound)
Emily and I were talking tonight about how we wish we could keep more memories, some simply fade too fast. So we live in the now, let go of its moment and hold on to its memories until some of those too, fade in life's stream...

Nothing now but memories
That’s the way time flows
Through our fingertips with ease
Falls its fading rose
Lilt of laughter, Kiss good-bye
Itty-bitty tear
Flowing to thought’s sweetheart-sky
…memories, my dear

Once upon a blue bygone
Yester-year was now
There we laid its moments down
In time’s forward flow
Where the pictures that we threw
Soft into its tide
Paint a portrait-avenue
Somewhere deep inside

I can touch you now, my dear
Though long we have lost
Afternoons of yester-year
That loosely we tossed
Without thought into a stream
Rushing to repose
Sometimes life seems but a dream
That’s the way time flows

© Janet Martin

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