Monday, December 30, 2013


Folded together
In a four-letter word
Hours of laughter
Or longing and hurt
Time, ever stealing
Like five p.m. blue
Over December’s
Dusk-drenched avenue
Then, every so often
We mark with a cheer
The end and beginning
Of something called

Into this four-letter
Eager embrace
Hellos and good-byes
Softly take their place
Life’s centuries
Of battle and romance
Recorded in unassuming
Four-digit stance
As heart-rending
Life changing
Days disappear
Into a cup that we simply call

The pier where summer
Slipped into fall
The tear that composed
Climactic capsules
Of triumph, despair
Holding, letting go
Ephemeral square
Of learning and living
And faith versus fear
Folded into four letters
We simply call

© Janet Martin


  1. Sometimes I really smile at how similar our thoughts are.must be a sister thing! (You're better at expressing them:)
    This am. I've been pondering my 'word for the new year' and somehow " TURN " was in there...not sure yet what it will be...but I want a good one????

  2. yeah, we are cut from the same cloth, its the scissors of life that cuts the patterns differently, so there really is no better or worse when it comes to the telling of it...just 'different'. I love you and hope your family has a blessed 2014!
    somehow year end puts thought and retrospect into overdrive, huh?
    hope you enjoyed the movie. sorry about that, but Jim did go to work when i got home and i took Matt over to play hockey.

    thanks for reading:)

  3. awww, thank you. Yes, true and likewise!!
    The movie was okay, but we had a good night...


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