Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Lullaby

Slumber in heavenly peace
Oh, do not cry or fear
The hope which filled that first Christmas
Is ever new and near
Then close your eyes and sleep
In dreamless paradise
Jesus His tender watch will keep
He never shuts His eyes

Sleep, let the vesper-choir
Strum night’s arabesque strings
The wonder of That Long Ago
Is not of ancient kings
But of that one great King
Who fills our hearts with Light
Deliverance and hope and Babe
Filled Bethlehem that night

Goodnight, my lovely child
And sleep in heaven-peace
Jesus of whom The Angels sang
His love will never cease
To poor shepherds of old
To you, my little one
Jesus, our Shepherd came to earth
So we may know God’s Son

…so go to sleep, wee lamb
Oh, precious little one
This Shepherd watches over you
Until the night is gone

© Janet Martin

I wrote this on Saturday night shortly before our power went out due to an ice-storm. It came on last night while we were at the Christmas Eve service at our church. We are enjoying with fresh appreciation things we never think about; running water, hot water, warm rooms, lights at the flick of a switch!

Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you you and God bless your celebration.

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