Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Pre-Christmas Prayer...The Reason

Wend the wonder of this season
Through the rush of to-do list
Impress through our haste The Reason
Lest the heart of it be missed

Over living’s daily scurry
Precious Jesus, stir within
Deeper meaning to our hurry
Lest we bypass Bethlehem

In the presents and the glitter
Keep The Reason ever-near
Let Hope’s tender-sweetest whisper
Be our blessed Christmas cheer

Thread our thought with true thanksgiving
Draw us to the manger-bed
Calm our mind with Heaven's offering
Lest The Reason we forget

Wrap Your beauty through each duty
Fill our hearts with gratitude
As Love’s Reason is renewed

© Janet Martin

My heart started to race this morning…to-do lists appear no matter how much we vow to simplify; there are expectations, right? And we love to do them but oh, Jesus, keep large within us The Reason for each gift and celebration and may we never simply purchase to adhere to expectation!

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