Friday, December 13, 2013

A Morning in December Postcard

The lane-way and the highway and the trail to wood and dale
The evergreen and cottage scene and silver-scripted vale
Portray the winsome long ago; of younger fields and fells
And almost we can hear the one-horse-sleigh and jingle bells

The blue of dusk descends at dawn tinting hill-scape and yard
Where ambiance of Christmas-past nurture’s nature’s post card
Of white-capped hush and fleece-wrapped bush; of frost-frothed fallow-sea
How tender-soft the Artist brushes gilded reverie

Grand isles of May and merger of green-gold slumber beneath
A sweeping surge of diamond-splurge, holly and Christmas wreath
Out where the summer-garden courted laughing, lounging hours
Its single boast is sported in boreal, snow-flake flowers

The modern girth of tortured earth is tucked in solitude
As winter spills its merry mirth in childhood vim renewed
And glad lad hails the sweet regale where heaven’s chattering
Covers the floor of mead and moor with down of angel wing

The bronze of autumn-languor spills its final crinkled fronds
Save for the long-stemmed teasel or the cattail curtailed ponds
And where the coveted romance of youth and spring entice
A keener beauty spins its gossamer of snow and ice

We probe the dying ember; set the polished pot to boil
A morning in December soothes the tedium of toil
With ginger tea in hand we gaze across earth’s frozen swells
Where almost we can hear the one-horse-sleigh and jingle-bells

© Janet Martin

I wrote this with a little 'smirk';) because I know not everyone is seeing a postcard as they dig out and defrost to go to work! ah, 'tis the season. My hubby just left Manitoba where it has been up to 35 and 40 below in the past few weeks; and it is not even officially winter yet!Sending you all warm wishes and cozy Christmas cheer!


Thank-you for stopping by my porch! I hope you were blessed!