Monday, December 9, 2013

We Wake to Winter...

We wake to winter warmth
The emptiness of dusk
Is wrapped within a mantle where
The wind roved wild and brusque
Then, while we were asleep
Heaven softly unfurled
A merry, mercy-melody
Upon a weary world

We wake to winter-white
Gone, earth’s grim, sullen stance
A filament of child-delight
Renders post-card romance
And where bloom-shimmering
Decked summer’s smiling girth
Ten-thousand-thousand kisses wing
Their way from God to earth

We wake to wonderlands
An argent aftermath
Of angel-throng and silver-song
Falling from heaven’s path
Sleep well, oh, slumb’ring seed
Beneath your quilt of snow
For soon you’ll hear your mother say
Wake up, it’s time to grow

© Janet Martin

Victoria woke with a big smile; sometime in the night the snow returned!

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