Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Quietude

Gone, gone, the laughing leaf of auburn fall
Bronze timbrel tucked into white solitude
The crinkled creek, a placid, polished hall
Its melody of merry May subdued
The song-bird choir that heralded the morn
Is mute; its choristers far, far away
And fields, stripped of wild-bloom and rippling corn
Roll soundlessly to skylines dull and gray
Forgotten fronds shiver, bereft of smile
Betrayed, it seems by winter’s gilded guile

On street or field our muffled footsteps fade
Stillness of white blankets hushed countryside
Somewhere bare feet pause in kind, crooning shade
Where heaven’s eyes are blue and open wide
Here, where the zephyr teased bracken and bloom
Now winds wander earth’s stricken emptiness
Searching through nature’s whitewashed living-room
For something more than stiff, stoic witnesses
Beneath the spell of sequin-silver kiss
The world is wrapped in winter quietness

This is the hour of tranquility
Do not despise the door that leads to spring
The barren tree in meek humility
Trusts He who holds and molds each season-thing
Though stalk has rendered its bloom to the sod
Farewell is not its death, hope fills the seed
It slumbers where the faithfulness of God
Does not forget for He beholds each need
While now we wait; our wanting will subdued
In cathedrals of winter quietude

© Janet Martin

Because my mind is racing this morning I decided it would be good to focus on quietude! :) Merry Christmas all, and may your days leading up to His Birthday Celebration be peaceful and bright!

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