Thursday, December 26, 2013

Of Brokenness, Beauty and Bethlehem

We gather from all walks of life and struggle
The beautiful broken, rejoicing, redeemed
We are not perfect without spot or blemish
But Jesus is; and by His grace we are clean

Guilty by nature, yet pardoned and purchased
By He who became sin without sin
Wonderful wonder; the Babe in the manger
Knew His full mission before Bethlehem

Peace, only God’s peace transcends this world’s trouble
Love, only God’s love can comfort our woe
Hope, only God’s hope offers full assurance
And thus, by the grace of this goodness we go

And so we gather to exalt and worship
Jesus, the author and anchor of faith
We bow before Him in meek adoration
Broken made beautiful in His embrace

Redemption; not of our own works and boasting
Redemption; not by what our hands have done
Redemption; fully and only forever
Through Jesus Christ, God’s Own Beloved Son

© Janet Martin

There is so much broken beauty around us; in nature, in people. As we worshiped on Christmas Eve I was struck once again by the awesomeness of it all.

I hope to post some broken beauty of the storm eventually. (long story; camera troubles etc:)

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