Saturday, December 7, 2013

Of Dark and Light; of Death and Life

The hollow of this night is dark and deep; the crescent moon
Obliterated by the blacker black of heavy cloud
Ah Death, oh Death how morbid would be thy eternal swoon
And darker far than this dark night of midnight’s moonless shroud
If not for Pardon’s promises sealed by Love’s dying breath
As He cried ‘it is finished’ conquering the curse of death

Foolish infatuation cannot save us from The Truth
How swift our little leap is summoned; dust returns to dust
Life has no guarantee; old, infant, middle-aged or youth
Are not assured of one more day; we place our earnest trust
In He who holds us tenderly and tolls the Evening Bell
Who will be next to answer it, our God alone can tell

Surely Goodness and Mercy longs to save us from Death’s fate
Love paid the Way from life to Life; His grace a boundless Room
We must make our election sure before it is too late
Salvation is The Gift and its rejection is our doom
Eternity is long and we are all one breath away
From that sure, solemn summons of that final Judgment Day

The hollow of this night is dark and deep; but soon the dawn
Will murmur in the foothills softening night’s heavy veil
And then another day of grace softly descends upon
The human race of dust to dust; compassion fills His grail
As He extends this span of Time for He beholds the cost
His will is that not one of us should perish and be lost


The sky is a mass of black clouds tonight.  In darkness our eyes search for Light, and Light instantly pierces Darkness.

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