Friday, December 6, 2013

I've Been There...

When we struggle in life’s dirt
Weary, sad, downcast or hurt
There is One who knows our care

When we feel misunderstood
Though we had intended good
Gently He pleads, ‘don’t despair

When we are tempted and tried
Taunted on every side
Listen; soft upon the air

When we are broken, undone,
Feeling betrayed and alone
Hear Him; through our pleading prayer
When the road is hard and steep
As we struggle, groan and weep
When our cross is hard to bear
Still He whispers, I’ve been there
…I’ve been there, my precious one
I am Jesus, God’s own Son
Come to me, I know, I care
Because, my precious, I’ve been there

© Janet Martin

There is nothing quite as comforting as someone who fully understands us because ‘they’ve been there’. Oh, what comfort to know that Jesus understands. Long ago Perfection, Spirit put on skin, came as a wee Baby and suffered in humility unto death, even death on a cross

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