Thursday, December 5, 2013

Flash-freeze or Flash-back

 Last night we put up the tree...always a sentimental return to years gone by.

The company of moments melts
And molds brief present to long past
How swift the sparkle ‘ere it rests
In the flash-freeze of ever-cast

I tremble for within my hold
I sense the sweet and sacred rush
Of mercy’s moment-metered gold
Soft-slipping through my fumbling touch

How quick a year gathers its frock
And girls and curls ride on its hem
Those darling lads that stole our hearts
Soon take their place among life’s men

The give and take within Time’s haste
Impresses on my thought today
That I cannot afford to waste
These moments ‘ere they melt away

© Janet Martin


  1. ahhhhh.....
    we were there once
    now we're here

  2. Had to see this again. Is that Katrina in the navy pants?
    What year was it?
    That sure was some tree:)

  3. K sorry no now I's Matt.
    memories sweet.

  4. The years are 1999 and 2000. Victoria was looking for herself until she realized she was not born yet;0


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