Sunday, December 8, 2013

Immaculate Invitation

Oh hush, the imminence of something trembles on the air
Of mystery and mercy winnowing the keeling deep
And I am drawn against my will from midnight’s gentle sleep
Toward its brink; and yet I do not know what tarries there

Arise; we must be going for The Hour is at hand
And like the bride preparing to meet her beloved groom
We go; the proof of Something sweeps earth’s yawning living-room
Stirring in dusty street, hillock, sea-song and sky and sand

Can we afford to slumber while This Awesome Thing is laid
Before our wondering gaze? It spills from hope’s immortal spring
Into our care, it fills the air with Passion’s offering
Beneath our feet; an affidavit holy, heaven-made

…and Darkness has no power where this lovely Thing is born
The past is but its shadow and the morrow fantasy
But see, upon the lea Today and what is yet to be
Beckons to all, oh come, behold the glory of the Morn

© Janet Martin

As long as earth endures…day and night will never cease. Gen. 8:22

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