Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Season-tree

Sometimes you wear a lacy shawl
Sometimes an emerald gown
You shimmer in the gold of fall
Against an azure crown

Today you stand motionless; gray
Exposed to winter’s will
Soldier of summer’s lightning-splay
Or rain-song’s rippling trill

You cradle bud and bird and snow
Beneath your verdant tent
The daffodil and lupine blow
A bonny regiment

The hands that placed your virgin wood
Into a bit of sod
Knew that his children’s children could
Enjoy this work of God

(last verse optional)
And as you flaunt spring’s ruby bud
…summer’s green melody
Fall-bronze, bark-fronds, I am so glad
My Grandpa thought of me

© Janet Martin

I’m so thankful that my Grandpa planted trees on the property we own. I remember he said that he won’t be around to enjoy their shade but we will…

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