Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Vesper

Final November PAD challenge

For today’s prompt, write a disappearing poem. Simple as that.

Chicory, Queen Ann’s lace, goldenrod
Slumber in garden’s beneath winter’s sod
Fence-row and ditches are gilded with ghosts
Reeds, rigid remnants of summer’s grand hosts

Beneath a blanket of winter’s foray
Spring-summer-autumn have rendered their lay
Over a ghost-town of fair, florid field
Tumbles an ocean of echoing yield

Sparkle of laughter fills flicker of flake
Sea-song canticle sweeps dusk’s frozen lake
Where day dips early beneath the skyline
Vesper of yesterday fingers stripped vine

The color-wheel of season-reel is white
Beneath an eon of silver starlight
Orange-gold flicker of candle and hearth
Warms our winter-scape like a post-card

Chicory, Queen Ann’s lace, goldenrod
Have disappeared to a cradle of sod
Blow, winter wonder for each breath you take
Sings to a garden that soon will awake

© Janet Martin

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