Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beyond Today...

Beyond today we cannot say
What will befall or if perchance
We might be drawn from moment-spawn
For living’s ephemeral dance
Does not foretell when Time’s farewell
Will place its kiss upon our brow
We cannot see beyond today
The only thing we have is Now
And none can wheedle or demand
One glimpse beyond today’s firm hand

Beyond today we cannot say
What colors fill The Artist’s tray
The gold and gray that slipped away
Is nothing now but yesterday
And we, the love-and-learning squad
March ever onward up to God
Beyond today; a curious thought
Of fantasy and faith unwrought
We tremble twixt the ‘what-has-been’
And the ‘beyond-Today’s-unseen’

Beyond today oh, none can say of wise-man,
Soothsayer or sage
What Life will spill of good and ill
Upon its far and phantom page
Paris in June? Love’s Brigadoon?
What will it be? Ah, none can know
Its filament is lent and spent
Within a gasp that we call Now
And we can never snatch the thread
From He who gives our daily bread

© Janet Martin

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