Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Bethlehem

Oh, let it play,
Hope’s sacred hymn
And may its music
Never dim
Of joy and peace
Love’s diadem
Sent to mankind
In Bethlehem

Forgiveness for
Each hurting wrong
Oh, let this be
Our ageless song
As One Fair Morn
Brought hope to men
A Savior born
In Bethlehem

Oh, let it ring
And never cease
This Jesus-King
This Prince of Peace
Fills man with hope
As He did then
So long ago
In Bethlehem

Then let Love’s anthem
Reach God’s throne
And let its message
Be made known
Of Christ the Lord
He sent to men
His Living Word
In Bethlehem

Oh, fill the rift
From sky to sky
Salvation’s gift
Will never die
In manger laid
Jesus became
Hope wrapped as Babe
In Bethlehem

© Janet Martin

As I was listening to the above song these words poured through my heart...thus the same tempo:)

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