Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter from Inside my Window

 Two friends of mine have their stories in this book! Congrats Caroline and Glynis.

Wan twilight claims the gray-blue day
Where wind, with bared wrath chills our bones
Lurking at doors and windowpanes
He snarls in surly threats and moans

The popularity of books
And fireside and comfy chairs
Become small havens in our nooks
Of home, sweet home and kinder cares

Summer; oh, foreign, remote land
Of sanguine sweetness long ago
Your echo snuffed by churlish hand
In Nor’-Easter and blowing snow

How friendly is the flick’ring flame
How cheery this chamomile tea
The wind flashes his saber-grin
But I decline his company

© Janet Martin

It is F-R-E-E-ZING today/tonight!

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