Monday, December 16, 2013

Of Crosses and Comfort


We cannot bear life’s cross alone
Kind Mentor of our moments here
You understand each wordless groan
And count each solitary tear

The silent sorrow of the soul
My Father, is not hid from Thee
Come to us now. Comfort, console
Carry us in Your kind mercy

Sorrow and joy, complex alloy
Dear Father, help us meekly bear
Love’s mother-load; lest we destroy
The tender hearts placed in our care

 Guide us in each step of each day
Constrain our fears beyond its reach
And help us not to pull away
From love-lessons that life must teach

Oh God, alone we cannot bear
The hidden sorrows of the heart
But, as You hear our groaning prayer
Dear God, I pray, Your peace impart

© Janet Martin

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