Monday, December 30, 2013

A Wish for Us...

…that we learn to savor life’s dissonance
As well as harmonies not quite so brusque
Joy is much more than a school-girl’s romance
Or summer sunlight splayed soft 'gainst blue dusk
I pray we learn in life’s keening caress
Of sorrow and winter-tried happiness
How to reverence more deeply the dance
…not to rebel in the teaching of trust

I wish for courage, not answers to things
Un-clarified on earth’s four-season swell
…that we learn to accept what God’s mercy brings
To tend our wee Garden and do it well
I wish to be thankful; not bound to The Past
For Time is a river; its current so fast
How swiftly again dear Auld Lang Syne rings
Its joy is not found in yesterday’s shell

© Janet Martin

Happy New Year and may God bless and keep!

I am undecided as to whether I will keep blogging in 2014. If I do then this comment will soon slip to the archives and if it remains here, it simply means I'm taking a break!


  1. Hi Janet !!!!
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year !
    Warm regards

  2. Hi Grace,
    Thank-you and I return the wishes to you and yours for a Blessed New Year.
    Those warm regards are appreciated here; it is freezing out there today!

  3. Oh please keep blogging Janet!!!! Your writing fills my heart and soul. I find myself reading and analyzing and interpreting. I find myself having hope and inspiration.

    I understand the time involved…so I do understand if you must stop….but please stay in touch!

    Blessings and love to you in the new year!


  4. Monica,
    Thank-you so much. I'm sure I will and after having posted that i thought of you and other bloggers I would miss if they would quit! Lord willing I will keep on...maybe just scale it back a bit, right? I go through terribly emotionally exhausted times and I need to remember they will pass.
    That 'word-spigot' in my head is always dripping:)

    Thank-you for caring.


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