Saturday, December 28, 2013

Of Artist and Athiest

I saw Him draw the night aloft
And fill day’s dawn with hope
The Light reveals what dark can not
Of winter-gilded slope
Where Heaven spills its authorship
In masterpiece array
As every somber stem is dipped
In silver-dazzled spray
And Wonder manifests Himself
In tiny little flake
In dam’s of light that rends the veil
Where midnight’s legions wait

His earth is clad in bridal-white
The Groom bedecks each limb
With proclamations of delight
No one can transcend Him
Surpasses mortal thought
His whisper fills the universe
Time is a vapor jot
Held in the palm of He who breathes
Each glorious frame of art
Sunrise, sunset, each masterpiece
Faint glimpses of His heart

…and all the atheist can see
is sky or snow, or field or tree

© Janet Martin


  1. oh my, how true Janet! As I describe my gardens I often say "Mother Nature"…..however, we all know who that really means!!!! Happy New Year. Thanks for your constant support and words that have touched my heart and given me more confidence than you will ever know.

  2. Happy New year to you too. I return your words of appreciation and thanks for you have done the same for me.

    God bless and I wish you a healthy, happy 2014.

    Yes, we know Who Mother Nature is!


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