Friday, December 6, 2013

December Dusk

Day retires blue and early
Past stark chimney-flute and wood
As December’s brogue, bleak, burly
Slips across dusk’s forlorn brood

June’s thicket once rich with laughter
Shivers in the sober chill
Dusk lowers its cobalt rafter
Stilly over field and hill

We behold day’s swift adjourning
Like a year of half-spent dreams
Thought amalgamates with yearning
In December-dusk requiems

Day surrenders contemplation
To a tide bantering; brusque
Death in spectral consummation
Drenches dark December's dusk

© Janet Martin

Last evening we stood at the window, the little guy I baby-sit and I, watching blue brood ever bluer over the dying day...


  1. blue brood... I love that blue that comes over twilight this time of year.

  2. me too, such an evocative shade of contemplation!


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