Wednesday, December 11, 2013



Dear son, I can make you dinner
Make your bed,
And make you cozy and warm
I can make sure that you wake up
When you don’t set your alarm
I can make your 'messy' tidy
Make soiled laundry clean and such
I can make you smile and maybe
At the mention of ‘her’ blush
I can make a quilt of memories
Where the threads of living weave
I cannot make you love me
Nor can I make you

© Janet Martin

Two things in life we can never force…Love and Belief

‘I’m just not feeling it yet’, said Matt the other night …the ‘it’ being Christmas.
‘When that happens to me, I told him, I stand and look long at the manger and think about how That Gift changes everything! And when I stop ‘feeling it’ I do it again.’

We cannot MAKE life’s two fundamentals…love or belief. Actually there is only one fundamental; Love. It makes everything else.

Glorious Day..

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