Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Song

Brass leaf-song has been gathered; tucked into time’s tiralee  
Save for the remnant eighth-note clinging to the apple tree
And from a vaulted ceiling where ten thousand summer’s swirl
The Maestro strikes the timbrel as a silver madrigal
Tumbles in twirling treasure, like an orchestra set free
December spills its measure in a merry melody

The advent of The Christ-child fills our flagging faith with hope
We light the candles in our heart; God lights the barren slope
With miracles of minute breadth His boundless mercies grace
The stricken land of autumn spent with winter-woven lace
Ah, see its exultation gild November’s barren girth
December flings its anthems in wee angels to the earth

The chill wind cannot snuff the song that fills the atmosphere
As wonder of peace, joy and love thrills humble hearts with cheer
For to our wretched brokenness a Baby-Savior came
December puts upon our lips that sweet and sacred Name
And now we join the angels as we lift our hearts to Him
December is a worship song to Jesus Christ our King

© Janet Martin

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