Friday, December 27, 2013


Have you laughed her silver laughter?
Have you wept her scarlet tears?
See? The hungry ever-after
Fills its reaching void with years

Have you spoken soft your longing?
Have you whispered your farewell?
Listen; can your hear the tolling
Of Time’s tireless evening bell?

Here upon her tattered hemline
Lies our scattered, shattered dream
Look; ah, look out to the skyline
See Time’s sweet resilience stream

Have you written your love-letter?
Laid it tender on her brow
Hark; is this her keen begetter
Drifting in on wings of snow?

Have your held her to your bosom
Have you kissed her half-shut eye?
Hush; methinks I hear her wind-song
Caught twixt hello and good-bye

© Janet Martin

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