Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Dusk

December twirls smoke-curlicues
To avenues of bluer blues
Outlines are stark before the dark
Of dusk bids brusque land-lords adieu
The lowering of evening
Is tangible, its air a cloth
Spilling in satin seraphim
And overtures of ether Bach

Soon afternoon is stripped of light
Tuning tresses with silent night
As star-froth falls to deck the halls
Of hill and field in silver-white
And bard becomes a beggar where
The yard and boulevard are bare
Of rush, the plush of velvet hush
 A brush on dusk’s flushed thoroughfare

Blue deepens until naught remains
Of scenes outside our windowpanes
Where peace on earth is home and hearth
Beneath the dark that dusk unchains
And suddenly the world is strange
As dark and daylight interchange
In blue adieu and curlicue
Of wood-smoke drifting ‘cross the range

© Janet Martin

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