Monday, December 16, 2013



Jesus, was ever there a name that didst such love and wonder stir?
Of Christ-child clad in mortal skin; the son of God, Mary, mother
He left His throne to be a Lamb led to the slaughter, meek and mild
Jesus, was ever there a Name such as was given this Christ-child?

Jesus; and He will save mankind from sin and death; how can it be?
The Godhead leaves His place to become ransom blood for you and me
As angels glorified the Father for salvation’s wondrous birth
Jesus Christ laid in a manger; King and Lord of Heav’n and earth

Jesus; name above all names and Hope whereby mankind is saved
Jesus, our debt of guilt and shame by grace through His shed blood is waived
Jesus; whoever shall believe will not perish in that last breath
Jesus; and by no other name can we escape damnation, death

Jesus; was ever there a name that didst such love and wonder bring?
Of Christ-child born in humble stable where the poor could come to Him
Ah Jesus, Alpha and Omega born to suffer Calvary
Ah Jesus; name above all names be praised throughout eternity

© Janet Martin

Listening to Christmas music as I work around the house...oh, what a name to sing. Jesus!

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