Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Waning Melody


Wand wafts, lofty wind-chimes whisper
Strum a slow sun-shadow dance
Soft upon the yellow summer
Fronds fall prey to Thought-Rembrandts

Like a waterfall of flowers
Clover, sage So Long Songs lilt
Tumbling, noiseless from bloom bowers
To a hall of childhood spilt 

Paper airplanes, oak-leaf sailboats
Splay; a winsome interlude
Ere they fade, mosaic eighth-notes
On a page of Past subdued

Come, before the ruddy rushes
Fling their silk coats to the air
And the Thing we cradle pushes
Off into the Blue Somewhere

We are too polite to murmur
Tug of warring heart and mind
Lures us where the yellow summer
Plays on days soon left behind  

Ah, methinks I hear a cricket
Prelude to a symphony
Wafting in the lofty thicket
Of a waning melody

© Janet Martin

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