Tuesday, December 8, 2020

What Faith Is This?

How To Please God-Charles Spurgeon 

And without faith it is impossible to please God, 
because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists 
and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

A few sermon-excerpts; 

'this faith must believe that there is a great reward in keeping his commandments, 
that He does hear prayer, 
that He does grant great blessings to those who truly seek Him.

We must believe this or else there is no real seeking of Him.

If we believe in God 
'we must believe that he exists 
and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him'.
'where trust has died out love has always died out too'!

Modern Theology...takes man from what is Written to what is thought.
It does not allow the sovereign Authority of Revelation and in disallowing that
their very foundations are removed, and much of the abounding vice of this day is
the direct result of this abounding unbelief in God, this
philosophical mistrust in Infinite Wisdom

A man only believes that which affects his life,
- Charles Spurgeon from the Sermon How To Please God 

What faith is this that we profess? 
Is what we cannot see 
That which turns would-be commonness 
Into holy, holy 

Faith without works is dead as dirt 
A cold and clanging bell 
Its specious substitutions flirt 
With godless death and hell 

What faith is this that we profane 
When we with pious nod 
Pronounce its syllables in vain 
With hearts afar from God 

What is this faith, mighty to save 
That sires sacred fear 
Is it the Confidence/Righteousness we have 
Or religious veneer 

Better to be without our eyes 
Or ears or homes or food 
Than to forsake Faith’s Enterprise 
And thus, God who is good 

Without faith we are naked, poor 
Lost, hopeless and condemned 
A ship without anchor secure 
A Soul without a Friend 

‘Without faith’ who would dare to wear 
Such a most awful plaque 
Or who would choose faithless despair 
If we beheld its lack 

In this land of revivals, bibles, 
Sunday morning church 
How is it that so much else rivals 
He who loved us first? 

What faith is this if once declared 
No work will prove its life 
What faith is this if it runs scared 
Beneath the Sculptor’s knife 

What faith were this that could attain 
The crown without the cross 
Or think ‘without works’ will retain 
Faith’s gain without its loss 

God is not mocked; no idol, He 
To put upon some shelf 
To gaze at whilst our loyalty 
Is faithful first, to Self 

Faith is Belief in One True God 
Its Must, a gift of grace 
A trust that very few applaud 
And fewer yet embrace 

Faith is greater than futile law 
Or works that cannot save 
Faith first believes, with humble awe 
God’s glorious gift of grace 

How can we approach Mercy’s throne 
Or know His love is just 
Without the essence of faith’s terms 
Belief and utter trust 

Ah, living, loving lasting faith 
In Jesus Christ, our Lord 
What profit hath each gifted breath 
If we miss faith’s reward 

Faith drives afar doubt’s shadowland 
And when things are the worst 
It reaches out and takes the Hand 
Of He who loved us first 

Oh, Spirit of the living God
Send home the Truth of Thee
By the power which saints applaud
Through faith that sets us free 

...free from fear's shackles, can it be
Anxiety and dread
Are swallowed up in victory
As we choose Faith instead 

© Janet Martin 

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