Monday, December 14, 2020

Unplumbed Happiness

Life is too short not to cavort 
With friendly sorts, like trees and skies 
The long way home is like a poem 
Whisp'ring in nature’s paradise 

How good to sit and chat a bit 
With friends that flit with twitt’ring laud 
Who do not bear tomorrow’s care 
But leave its Wherefore up to God 

Time flies and soon the afternoon 
Is like a tune we used to know 
So, we should pause sometimes because 
The gauze of moments steals the show 

Don’t wait too long to learn the song 
That wafts upon the lofty breeze 
And softly blends the way that wends 
Through what time lends, to memories 

The wonder-strands from wander-lands 
Of grandiose 'hands-off' finesse
Softly become the glorious sum
Of perfect, unplumbed happiness

© Janet Martin 

This is the lure I couldn't resist...

before it darkened



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    1. thank-you Trish!! I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy, hopefully more normal 2021!


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