Monday, December 28, 2020

Hope Is Life's Highway to Heaven...

Altar after altar after altar
Sacrifice after sacrifice after sacrifice
every morning and night 
day after day after day
week after week after week
 year after year after year
decade after decade
to pay for the sins of the people
and to remind them 
of the mercy and grace of God
until One Day 
One Sacrifice
For All!
 to hear the above thoughts spoken of so wonderfully!
Listen to the whole message to hear 
 the Greatest Story of profound love
authoring Living Hope!

Hope is life’s highway to Heaven 
Hope is joy through sorrows met 
By the Promise God has given 
As the Temple-veil was riven 
And the sins of man forgiven 
By His Son who paid our debt 

Hope is life’s exceeding glory 
Nothing annuls Calvary 
Though its bloody scene is gory 
For our state so mean and sorry 
Love suffered Redemption’s Story 
And authored Hope’s Surety 

Hope is mankind’s consolation 
In a world so full of loss 
For the sake of soul’s salvation 
The Lord and God of creation 
Did not doom us to damnation 
But broke sin’s curse on the cross 

Hope is life’s breathtaking beauty 
King of king’s humility 
Bore more than a ‘tour of duty’ 
He beheld our hopeless pity 
Then secured, through death, the Vict’ry 
That grants life eternally 

Hope is not a fickle feather 
Dangling on a chain of whim 
Hope is the unfailing tether 
That by faith will help us weather 
Time, until we altogether 
Look upon love’s scars and Him 

© Janet Martin 

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