Tuesday, December 1, 2020

December's Fleeting Greeting

The final month that makes a year greets us as we awake 
Where tides of tick-tock disappear like ripples on a lake 
And makes us take a longer look where leaf-song bursts and fades 
And sweeps up youngsters in a book of childhood’s yesterdays 

The door that gapes beneath the tolling of a shapeless bell 
Invites us through; hearty handshakes always precede farewell 
Where ‘hello dear December’ like a twinkle in time’s eye 
Is soon snuffed like an ember on a hearth of years gone by 

We all start off so small in the Wherewithal of Today 
The Hand of time soon draws us all from carefree hours at play 
As January soon gives way to June and June to fall 
Until we too are stooped and gray that started off so small 

Hope lights the candlestick that sits in windows of the soul 
Without it we are all quick to lose sight of Goodnight’s Goal 
December carves through ages, turns back pages of thin air 
Until we find the manger and the Christ-child lying there 

© Janet Martin

Found an oldie wee Sing Christmas cassette when I was fall cleaning the other week
Love this song! 

And one more brand new song for your listening/worshipping wonder/pleasure


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