Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Disappointments, We All Get 'Em...

It feels like it's been a stretch
 of vexing little set-backs and disappointments; 
(just life-headaches, but...)
The latest:
I opened a pack of pre-ordered printed Christmas photos and the first thing I see is this...

I had a terrible (well, for technically-challenged me) time getting everything to fit and save 
and didn't notice the date had reverted back to the template setting??😐
That's all I can figure out though I thought I checked everything thrice!!
...so nothing to do but fix it; At least it's not a wedding invitation or something like that!

Earlier this month a bright spot was delivered in form of apple pie 
courtesy of many volunteers from our church
assembling them for our young families  
as an encouragement during these trying Covid-times.
(No! We are not considered 'younger family'😊)
 but I had the honour of writing a poem for
 the lids of the pie-boxes and received a pie as a thank-you!
Because someone had framed the poem 
in lovely autumn- artwork I hung it on the fridge. 
Tonight I reread it and decided this coming weekend 
we are baking the pie to enjoy,
and forget disappointments for a bit!

Victoria comforted me with these words
'Sure, in the big picture these are little things
but in the moment they still hurt💛

She makes me want to count my blessings, 
not my disappointments!
And she is one of our best!

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