Sunday, December 13, 2020

In Case You Wonder

Love is poetry
waiting to be written...

The way of phrases wafts in blush appeal

In plush apparel of fresh-fallen snow

In precious hideaways of think and feel

In surge of seasons as they come and go

What may appear, to critic’s glance 
Quite elementary 
Of lines, winnowed from circumstance 
And tamed to poetry 

What may to some seem a sad waste 
Of Precious Little Time 
Where lines, siphoned from touch and taste 
Are woven into rhyme 

What may, mediocre at best 
Vex finer balladists 
Where lines, snared from the care and test 
Of love and life untwists 

What may to some seem nothing much 
But vain verbosity 
Is to this poet’s humble touch 
Love turned to poetry 

© Janet Martin 

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