Thursday, December 24, 2020

Of Postcards In Our Hearts...

 Something about Christmas probes Past's 'postcard heap'...

I like the postcards in our hearts we leaf through now and then 
After sharper edges and hurts have blurred beneath Time’s pen 
To leave behind a kind of surreal light-and-shadow-show 
Of pictures that the past has framed and filled with Afterglow 
From years soft-strewn beneath the moon like footprints in the snow 

After the weariness of work and wish-wars yields its grasp 
And tucks love’s tattered fragments behind Bygone’s soldered clasp 
It gathers moment-measure into treasured bits of art 
Like a postcard-collection that we carry in the heart 
Of life’s recounted blessings that have lost their sting and smart 

I do not want to stay too long in thought’s strange gallery 
To gaze at portraits not quite like the present used to be 
But now and then I like to run kind whispers softly through 
A sheaf of pictures echo-spun in sun-gold, twilight-blue 
To remind me that what I hold is postcard pigment too 

© Janet Martin

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