Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Un-self Esteem

It's kind people that bring out the best in people!
Praying we all have someone kind to be with 
and celebrate with this Christmas,
in spite of a break from traditional gatherings which make us realize
how much we take for granted!
Praying we come out of this Covid-'year' with
 gentler, kinder appreciation for each other, 
not meaner, blinder brother-against-brother!

This poem was partly inspired by a text-conversation yesterday
as we chatted about how gifts dropped on porches, minus smiling faces, hugs etc.
really puts into perspective how much we need physical connection!
Something to be more grateful for in the future!

One thing that remains unaffected by this world's chaos is the heavens!
Aren't you glad?!

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

With loss of what we had, life brings 
Keener esteem for precious things 
It cuts our wish-list down to size 
As we reassess what we prize 
To find that in our dream and quest 
Life’s kind and simple things are best 

Like hands to shake and curls to tease 
And arms that reach and hold and squeeze 
Like sunny smile from little tot 
Or any smile not guessed or thought (like we do with masks) 
Like graces we can trace, kiss, touch 
Like faces that we miss so much 

Like cup of tea shared with a friend 
Like doors (or arms) flung wide to welcome them 
Like tables set for company 
In humble hospitality 
Like longing met with nothing more 
Than laughter, shared while coffees pour 

With loss we become more aware 
To live and love with kinder care 
To make the most of now and here 
Before its moments disappear 
To recognize how blessed we are 
And be more thankful than we were 

© Janet Martin 

some things I miss, gal-pal tea-parties/visits.
(isn't tea-party a delightful word?!)
But I am ever so thankful I can still 
hold and kiss these lively, loud love-sters!

Photo credit for photos below; Brittany Ruppert

My heart goes out in a thousand pieces to their other grandparents who
have not been with them since last Christmas
when this was a year that had some extra-special visits planned
like a 90th birthday party for great-grandma etc.

My heart goes out to health-care workers
who spend many extra hours away from their loved ones
to take care of our loved ones!

And oh, how my heart goes out to shut-ins!
to daughters/families who can't be with mothers/parents in nursing homes etc.
or bring them home for Christmas!!

Let's take time to waken to the wonders within reach!



"Oh, a picture of my heart!"
I said to Victoria the first time I saw the photo below!

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