Tuesday, December 8, 2020

A Face-to-Face With Father Time (no mask required ;-)


Yesterday included a tour along a photo-path,
How bitterest-sweetest is Time's Aftermath
.and mean-whilst our
water-woe saga continues😢

So far they have discovered the alarm's sensor-ball stuck so it did
not notify us that the pump in the tank,  installed during previous water-woes
had taken a holiday!

“Man who is born of woman 
Is of few days 
and full of trouble.
Job 14:1

But we all know 
both highs and lows 
follow the same path to 
What Once Was!

You leave, and do not grieve the love 
In hours we held dear 
As echoes ride thy timbre of 
A day-week-month, then year 

How doth thy gossamer design 
Affixed with grin and groan 
Plant and purge Verge’s vapour vine 
In plots of skin and bone 

Where lowest lows and highest highs 
And all points in between 
Are reduced to the husk of sighs 
Where starry eyes had been 

You stretch and squeeze and startle us 
With ways as old as you 
But to the student-heart of us 
It feels foreign and new 

As we, with brunt of blue-gray-gold 
Become attuned to things 
Like what is hinged to have-and-hold 
With fluttering heart-strings 

I do not picture you as crass
But oh, the art you steal
Takes the apprentice of your class
Aback at how we feel

You leave behind the aftermath 
Of all you put us through 
Then kindly grace life’s beaten path 
With Today, Ever New 

© Janet Martin

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