Friday, December 4, 2020

Thumbs Up (face to face or screen to screen)

We, the more mature students in the School of Life have learned or are learning 
not to base self-worth on how many likes or thumbs-up we get, 
but it doesn't mean a little 'thumbs up' isn't kind of like a big cyber
 (or face-to-face) smile/hug/ pat on the back.
Sometimes when I'm tempted to think that someone really couldn't care less
whether I 'like' it or not I think about the big boost of courage
some of those little thumbs-up have given me over the yearsđź’—

Our love/hate relationship with social-media, like it or not,
for better or worse, carries a weight of response-ability with it.
So whether to the people we meet on the street, in our homes,
or on social media, let's spread some high-five, smiley-face, thumbs-up love!

1 Thess.5:11
Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,
just as in fact you are doing.

Thumbs up can give someone a lift when they are feeling low 
A boost of confidence perhaps, a little ‘way-to-go’ 
A ‘you are not invisible but worth a smile, a prayer 
A kind nod of approval to fend off fiends of despair’ 

Thumbs up can say ‘hey, you’re okay and worth the while God grants’ 
Thumbs up can put a bounce in steps that somehow lost their ‘dance’ 
So, whether face to face or screen to screen, let’s do our part 
To spill some ‘thumbs-up-happiness’ into somebody’s heart 

Thumbs up is so much better than an emoji to vent 
To satisfy our anger in that spurt of resentment 
Better to walk away than say something we will regret 
Better to give a thumbs up and leave scowls and slurs unsaid 

Time is a tireless teacher; age does not deter him much 
We never outgrow needing someone’s time or tender touch 
A teeny, weeny thumbs up might be all somebody needs 
To fan the flame of courage to wherever Today leads 

© Janet Martin

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