Sunday, December 27, 2020

Benediction and Resolution

I went on a hymn-hunt after the message today
after the man who brought the message shared the lyrics.
Thank-you Richard!
 (also for the last line in this poem)

This benediction to the Old Year is more like a resolve for the New,

To grasp with renewed wonder 
To timeless truths of old 
And satisfy heart-hunger 
With what hands cannot hold 

To sense the thread of moments 
Unravel as they weave 
A sacred recrudescence 
Deigned by Who we believe 

To cling with firm conviction 
To He who does not shift 
And anchor each ambition 
In hope’s unashamed gift 

To not become too weary 
To do the good I/we ought 
But press toward the vic’try 
In a good fight well-fought 

To guard against the anguish 
Of disillusionment 
And not let love’s cause languish 
In selfish discontent 

To trust the Rock of Ages 
Amidst the raging gale 
And hold on to the Pages 
That Last Gasp will unveil 

To pay closer attention 
(lest God forbid, it slips) 
To the gift of redemption 
And Soul-dier it equips 

To not let vain emotion 
Control life’s little lease 
But make love's sole devotion 
Salvation’s Centerpiece 

© Janet Martin 

Joshua 23:11,12
Take good heed therefore unto yourselves, 
that ye love the LORD your God…

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