Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Will You Love Me?

You do not need to answer
But I think I need to know
Darling, will you love me
When my hair is white as snow
When the step of keen ambition
Slows to a cane-tuned tap
And my only real temptation
Is a sweet mid-morning nap
When I’ve traded tea and coffee
For a mug of nice warm water
And you wish that I was younger
And I wish the soup was hotter
But the grand-kids keep us laughing
Though we might forget just why
It doesn’t matter; while we’re rocking
Somehow time still seems to fly
While we count out which pills to take
The yellow, white or blue
And talk of how they just don’t make
Things quite like they used to
And if I should talk up a storm
It really will not matter
You’ll simply turn the hearing aid down
And thus turn down the chatter
My dear, you need not answer
But somehow I need to know
Will you love me, darling
When my hair is white as snow…….


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