Monday, March 7, 2011

Where Is She?

Where is she?
the girl with yellow hair and braids
who thought love was magic,
rainbows and kisses
and that was what made life complete...............

Where is she?
The girl who always had a dream
a gleam in her far-off gaze...
and the sunshine on her shoulder
For she was a child,
and now she is......
Where is she?
the girl of yester-year has gone away....
she has seen magic and rainbows,
she has seen the other side,
of forgotten days
and somewhere in love's twists and turns...
she slipped away
Where is she?
she is gone...............
gone as the swing that would take her as high
as the bird dipping low from the pale blue sky
gone as the dream and gone as the day....
gone as the stream where she used to play
gone, as gone as yesterday......

Where is she?
She hides in the gaze
and the tender ways
that love long ago had taught her
Where is she?
She lives in the gleam
of a childhood dream
that has become her daughter.....


Sometimes, as the sun gleams like a golden pond
above the horizon line
It seems I can almost see beyond
To a simpler time.....

This morning as I took a picture of the sun rising
over the farm where I grew up, suddenly the echo of childhood
washed over me........the way the cows would toss their heads
as they tore a piece of hay from the trough,
the way the snow crunched beneath my feet as we walked from house to barn
or back.
The sound of routine chores,
Feeding calves,
The clatter of the breakfast hour....
The voice of dad reading 'The Daily Bread' devotion
.......When I was a girl.......

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