Thursday, March 3, 2011

Simply Pie...

Sometimes love is a hand-shake
Sometimes it is a kiss
Sometimes love is heartache
And sometimes it is bliss
Sometimes love is holding on
Sometimes it is good-bye
And sometimes love comes in the form
Of nothing more than pie

Sometimes love slips off our tongue
In words so warm and sweet
Sometimes love makes us say things
We never would repeat
Sometimes love will make us laugh
True love will make us cry
And sometimes love is nothing more
Than just a piece of pie

Sometimes love’s a bitter pill
And sometimes it’s just right
Sometimes love is a walk up-hill
For what we love, we fight
Sometimes love will be the tear
That glimmers in our eye
And sometimes love shines loud and clear
In nothing more than pie


I was going to end each verse in …simply you and I
But suddenly pie sounded like more fun….

Sis, your love is coming in a pie tonight.
Would you like apple or straw-berry?
....and no, I did not drop them:)
For some reason the pastry was a little crumbly today

I hope Alex will be okay!!


  1. That is so funny I am eating a piece as I read this yum .The pastry is just how I like it.Thank you and enjoy life in high speed :)


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