Monday, March 14, 2011

Beautiful Day......

Even the hills in the distance
Seem to quell a sigh
Nothing offers resistance
To the gray pall of the sky
I search for a point of beauty
On which to fix my gaze
But nothing reaches to me
In the misty morning haze……

…..until you
And the thought of you makes me smile
My heavy heart skips a beat
It really will be but a little while
My dear, until we meet

The sun cannot break through the silence
It looks like another day
Where I must search for brilliance
In a painting mostly gray
Today the wind’s a wanderer
And within its undertone
I sense a restless hunger
Begging me to weep and moan…..

……..but then you
Oh, you come rushing to me
On a lighter breeze or two
I can feel your arms around me
In a perfect shade of blue

Ah, the day is not pure gray after all
Though it lies llistless and still
I sense within this motionless pall
A weakening of its will
As the silence that would pervade me
With a bleak melancholy
Kindly wraps around me
In a soft serenity….

…..because you……..
Oh my darling you will never be
A single shade of gray
Fireworks explode inside of me…..
Oh, what a beautiful day


It seems like we've had a week of gray!
You know, where the land and sky are exactly the same shade.....

Well, as I write this the sun is pushing through!

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