Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The work-out
Or devotions
Which will it be?
I know they are both
So good for me
Why does it seem so easy then
To choose to do anything
When both are so vital
To emotional health?
We trim nails
Read novels, listen to music
Eat and sleep
We loaf in front of the TV
We dust and sweep
We tidy up
Or make a mess
There are a-thousand things
We could choose I guess
To give in to idle temptation
And the misery of procrastination


Let’s face it…..
Sometimes we don’t feel like doing either…..
Or work-outs!
But if we choose to take the time and energy for both
Spiritual health and physical health
Impact immensely our emotional health.
Why is it so hard to choose what is good for us
And settle for a lesser attraction instead….
….or endless duty….
After we spend time in God’s Word,
After physical exercise we feel so much better!
We were made that way….
And isn’t it ironic
For the physical we could use a ton of different equipment
To condition us but
For the spiritual we need one thing only….God’s Word!
A little bit is always better than nothing
In either field
If we begin with a little bit
Chances are we will desire more….
A little goes a long way!

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